Caveman “Brawn”

Class / Cardio, Endurance, Muscle Gain, Strength, Tone Up, Weight Loss

Caveman ``Brawn``

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Noun: Brawn — physical strength in contrast to intelligence. What a great name for a fitness class! Caveman Braun is a circuit style class, geared around functional training elements and strength, is guaranteed to have you pushing your physical and mental limit! With fine attention to detail, “Brawn” will have you working stronger- faster- smarter. Run, jump, crawl, lift, climb, whatever is thrown at your way you will learn to adapt and conquer your inner warrior!

What is Caveman Training?

With many different names/types of workouts on the horizon, Caveman Training is definitely the real deal.

But what is it?

A major part in the development of NFF’s foundation Caveman training is geared towards both men AND women. Based on primal movements our bodies were made to perform to survive in the wild- push, pull, jump, run, climb, move and adapt.

A calculated mix of traditional and novel strength, along with conditional exercises, this form of training is known and prided on its specificity as much as its difficulty.

It produces fast, real and measurable results with the purpose of getting you to push through boundaries and keep excelling in everyday life and sport. NFF is the home of caveman training, and there is no better place to channel that inner caveman or woman!